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Gas is one of the most popular forms of energy in Texas because it is so affordable and easily accessible for most homes. However, it is important to have the phone number of gas line specialists on hand, just in case issues pop up. Our techs at Texas Strong Plumbing are standing ready to offer trustworthy Katy gas line plumbing services whenever you need them. We refuse to cut corners or take shortcuts, which means clients get the highest quality on all our services. 


For more details about our gas line support, contact our team online or reach out to one of our skilled specialists at (281) 241-1641.


The Benefits of Installing a Gas Line 

Having a gas line installed at home is a smart choice. Natural gas is very effective for fueling all sorts of devices, from ovens to fireplaces. Many boilers or water heaters also utilize gas to provide a steady source of energy. Unlike other traditional fuels, natural gas also lets off much fewer greenhouse gases, diminishing the amount of pollution. It is very economical, saving owners a great deal on their electricity bill. Once residents give us a call, we can install a dedicated line and help with any gas hookups.  

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      “I called so many other companies for help over the past three weeks for my gas fireplace repair but couldn't get help. Texas Strong was a prayer answered! Professional, knowledgeable and very friendly and answered my questions.” - Gwen Y.

    How to Recognize a Gas Line Leak

    Even though a gas line is a necessary component of a property and is generally safe when fully contained, a gas leak spells serious trouble. A gas leak does not simply waste a valuable resource, but it is dangerous to those who breathe it in over a period of time.

    Do not hesitate to reach out to a knowledgeable professional whenever noticing: 

    • White or gray powdery substance like ash near the pipelines
    • Plants that have died or turned yellow overnight
    • Strange hissing or whistling sounds coming from the gas line
    • A terrible sulfuric smell like rotten eggs from the mercaptan that accompanies leaking gas
    • Visible deterioration of the line or loose connections
    • Members of the household are complaining of unexpected migraines, dizziness, congestion, or nausea

    We are ready to help with any Katy gas line plumbing services, so give our dedicated professionals a call today at (281) 241-1641 for more detailed info.

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    What Occurs During a Gas Line Repair

    If a gas leak has occurred and the line needs to be repaired, several important steps must take place. First, our experts will completely shut off the main line to lower the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and prevent an explosion. Next, the plastic covers covering the gas lines will be removed carefully. To reach the high-pressure line, experts will temporarily remove the low-pressure gas line as well. 

    Finally, the line fittings must be taken apart to relieve the intense pressure of residue gas while the pipe is being repaired. Because this process is so challenging, it is critical to only let a team of professionals take care of it. Depend on our skilled team members at Texas Strong Plumbing to handle any issues promptly and effectively.

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